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Get The Best Cordless Lawn Mower With A Powerful Battery And Modern Design

Are you looking for the best cordless lawn mower for sale? We explain how they work and the benefits of using one of these modern machines.

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Best Cordless Lawn Mower

A battery powered mower is the answer for you if you’re tired of your old noisy, smelly petrol machine.  Reviews On Battery Operated Lawn Mowers

So lets see what you can replace that old mower with. 

Get a modern replacement for the old petrol mower that now needs a good checkup after the winter before you can use it.

We are here to help you decide which is the best mower for you. Think about what you need, and we will show you what is available on the market today.

So – let’s get busy and find the best cordless lawn mower in the UK!

Cordless Lawn Mower Reviews On Amazon

Join the revolution and look at the latest lithium-ion battery-powered mowers on offer at a wide selection of prices.

We have chosen Amazon with its wide range of options for you to choose from. Easy delivery and secure payment facilities are all part and parcel of relaxed shopping, which Amazon provides.

Find a cheap battery powered lawn mower for sale or a more expensive model that suits your requirements.

The below Amazon options will offer a great selection and provide honest customer reviews on cordless lawn mowers of interest to you.

Cordless Lawn Mowers For Sale – Get the best!

It’s that time of the year again – time to bring out the lawn mower and keep the green patch looking good!

You may be a lawn lover who adores your patch of green but does not necessarily enjoy the work that comes with mowing it. 

We have good news!

We are in the middle of a lawn mower revolution.

The mower is joining the car industry in its electric innovation – so the suburban lawn is now benefiting from modern advances too.

A battery powered lawn mower is now the smarter option.

This technology will become more advanced and more efficient in the years to come with the speed of modern technological advances in today’s “smarter” world.

The look of a battery mower is also a draw card. Modern designs, fresh colours and light framework all come together to create a pleasing and efficient machine that you can enjoy using and be proud of.

These qualities take your gardening experience from being a chore to a pleasing pastime outdoors getting fresh air and replenishing mind and body!

Cheap Battery Powered Lawn Mowers: Powerful and Efficient

Cheap Battery Powered Lawn Mower
Not so long ago it was difficult to find a battery powered mower with enough power to mow a tiny suburban backyard. 

But these modern mowers are today, as powerful as their electric lawn mower competition and so much easier to use.

So, if you are considering trading in your old, noisy petrol guzzler, or upgrading from a hand push or hovering mower, a rechargeable lawn mower may be the perfect option for you.

These innovative grass cutters vary in sizes and performance – but these quieter more economical machines have considerably increased their running time. 

This is due to the advances in lithium-ion battery chemistry.

Today’s electric cordless lawn mower maximise their runtime with powerful batteries, sometimes multiple batteries. They provide between 20 and 40 minutes of easy mowing and are relatively quick to charge.

For the average UK garden, this is plenty of power to get the job done.

Another advantage – which is very important – is the longevity of cordless mowers. As the mechanisms consist simply of a battery and the blades, the lifespan of the mower is quite a few years.

A good quality mower can last you up to 8 or 10 years looking after a modest lawn.

About Lithium-Ion Batteries For Rechargeable Mowers

All cordless mowers use lithium-ion batteries. This is because they provide a long life span and a high capacity output.

A high capacity output is required for a mower to run efficiently. The time frame that the battery can run at maximum capacity is also important. 

You want to complete the job in one go – without having to recharge before you are finished.

The lifespan of the battery is approximately two to three years or 300 to 500 charge cycles.

3 Tips On How To Look After Your Rechargeable Battery

Looking after your battery properly allows it to operate efficiently. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind. Keeping your lithium-ion battery healthy means your mower will work at optimal capacity.

  • Keep your batteries at room temperature
    The best temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees C. The worst thing for a lithium-ion battery is to have a full charge and experience high temperatures. The biggest factor in reducing a lithium-ion battery’s life is excessive heat.
  • Get one high-capacity lithium-ion battery, rather than storing a spare.
    Batteries do deteriorate over time. Even if they are not being used they will lose their ‘oomph’. A spare battery will have the same life span as the one being used. 
  • Use partial-discharge cycles rather than full discharges
    Avoid discharging lithium-ion batteries completely. It is best to recharge the battery after each mowing session. Do not keep using it until it dies totally.

Advantages of a Cordless Mower

The added advantages of these rechargeable mowers are:

  • No engine to service – all you need to do is just keep it clean and sharp.
  • No exhaust fumes to pollute the universe and these mowers are a lot lighter in weight than petrol options.
  • No cable – if a cable is going to be too short or snag on your rockery, then this lawn mower may be the solution.
  • Quiet – at the press of the start button on a lithium battery-powered lawn mower, cut your grass with quiet, clean energy and high performance – without the noise, fuss, and fumes.
  • Easy to start, no petrol tank to fill and require no oil changes or spark plugs – what a pleasure.
  • The battery eliminates the extension cord, and starting is gentle on your back, no yanking on a pull starter cord again.

For Peaceful Weekend Gardening Choose A Cordless Lawn Mower

Best Cordless Lawn Mower For Peaceful Weekend GardeningThe average electric mower is equivalent to a washing machine (about 75 decibels). A petrol lawn mower can match the noise of a motorcycle (about 95 decibels).

Switching to an electric mower will definitely ease the stress on your eardrums. Research shows that loud noise can contribute to hearing loss when it exceeds 85 decibels.

It is advisable that a petrol-powered machine producing 95 decibels be used no more than an hour a day.

So – a  battery mower will keep you and your neighbours happy.

Can Cordless Lawn Mowers Cut Wet Grass?

Yes – a cordless mower can cut wet grass.
That does not necessarily mean it is the best idea.
For one thing – wet lawn is much more difficult to mow.
Wet grass blades are slippery and difficult to slice. This fact creates an uneven shred rather than the clean-cut you can achieve on a sunny dry day. 
Your mower’s blades will need to be in peak condition and/or newly sharpened for the best results. Additionally, you may need to make two or three passes over the same patch of wet lawn to get a decent cut.
If you are desperate – the rain has been non-stop and your lawn is starting to look like a jungle – it can be done. Choose a time when the water has had a chance to settle off the grass and it is not saturated.
To test if you can mow or not, stand on your lawn without sinking into it. You should also not see water rising around the edges of your shoes. 
If either of those tests proves positive – mowing is out of the question.
It is important to set the height of the cut high. Set it to approximately three or four inches long and no shorter. 
This will keep your grass in check without doing any damage. Cutting wet grass too low will do more harm than good to both the lawn and the mower.
A high cut will maintain the grass and keep it under control until a drier day arrives. A dry cut gives a cleaner cut to the grass blades and keeps your lawn in better condition.
Wet grass is not that good for your mower. It needs more power to cut – so your battery power will not last as long. You will also need to mow slower to get the desired result.
Wet grass will collect on the blades, wheels and it is heavier in your collection box. You may need to stop and clean the mud or lawn clippings off the wheels and empty your collection box on a more regular basis.
If you have the facility, use the side-discharge mode for your cuttings. Even though this will leave rows of cut grass for manual bagging later, it will save you the fuss of having to clean wet grass from your collection bag.
All these tips should keep your lawn maintenance up to speed even when the conditions are not ideal for the job. 

Choose The Best Battery Lawn Mower: Consider the Environmental Impact

Choose The Best Battery Lawn Mower

You will definitely be making the earth a greener, friendlier place by choosing a battery operated mower as opposed to a petrol powered machine!

An astounding statistic states that the amount of pollution emitted from a petrol mower could be four times the amount from a car per hour! 

Another study in 2001 showed that some mowers emit the same amount of pollution in the time span of one hour as opposed to driving a 1992 model car for 1000 kilometres.

These are powerful incentives for concerned eco-conscious citizens to stay away from two-stroke and four-stroke internal combustion engines that use carburettors and run on petrol.

Be more environmentally aware with your quieter, eco-friendly battery powered machine.

So now you can choose the best cordless mower for your lawn – and enjoy peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best cordless lawn mower?

It is difficult to say which brand has the best cordless lawn mower. There are several contenders: Bosch, Greenworks, EGO, Gtech, WORX and Hyundai are some of the most sought after brands in the rechargeable mower market.

Are cordless lawn mowers worth it?

Cordless lawn mowers are definitely worth the money. They are easy to maintain, easy to use, simple to start with no upkeep except a new battery down the line. They are a good buy for any suburban garden.

What is a cordless lawn mower?

A cordless mower is a mower that does not have an electric cord to power it. The mower uses a lithium-ion battery. These batteries are more powerful than the average battery and can mow for up to 40 minutes before needing recharging. An average lawn can easily be done before the battery runs low.

Can cordless lawn mowers be used to cut wet grass?

Mowing wet grass will not give you as clean a cut as cutting dry grass. Wet grass is harder to cut so more power is required of the mower. A cordless lawn mower may lose power sooner than usual and your blades will not turn as fast due to the extra power required.

How long do cordless mowers last?

A good quality cordless lawn mower should give you good service for eight to 10 years. The rechargeable battery should last approximately five years on a medium to large suburban garden.