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Find The Best Petrol Lawn Mower For Efficient Mowing Of Larger Lawns

Looking for the best petrol lawn mower available? We bring you the most popular petrol models and list the benefits of owning a powerful mower.

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Best Petrol Lawn Mowers UK

Best Value Petrol Lawn Mowers

Petrol mowers should be at the top of your list if you have a medium to large expanse of lawn to maintain.

If your landscaping includes slopes and gradients, then extra power is definitely going to be an advantage.

The bigger the grass expanse, the longer you have to mow – so maintaining your mower power is of the utmost importance.

Here we give you some insight into the variety of petrol lawn mowers for sale in the UK and the benefits a petrol driven mower provides.

Get The Best Petrol Lawn Mower Online

The petrol mower is best for lawns ranging from 300 to 400 square metres. The old adage of a great big hulking, air-polluting mountain of a mower is now, thankfully, out the window.

Petrol mower manufacturers are evolving and continue designing more efficient engines to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new emission standards for lawn-and-garden equipment.

Therefore petrol mowers are running cleaner than ever.

More focus is being placed on convenience with designs that reduce maintenance and storage issues – a common grievance that has plagued mower owners.

Value Petrol Lawn Mowers For Sale

Have a good look at the mowers available and keep your grass in tip-top condition.

We showcase some of the best priced petrol lawn mowers on the market today.

We have chosen a range from Amazon that have both excellent sales and good customer reviews for your convenience. You will find cheap self-propelled mowers for sale as well as the more expensive mowers that offer more.

Affordability and power make the petrol rotary lawn mower a firm favourite out of all the lawn mowers for sale in the UK.

Now – what is the best petrol lawn mower that suits your garden?

Showcased below are a variety of well-known brands all offering good quality mowers at some of the best prices around.

Petrol Lawn Mowers: How Much Power Is Good?

Rotary mowers should produce between 4bhp to 5.5bhp to be effective.

This output depends on the width of the mower as wider mowers do more work, therefore they require more power.

Cylinder mowers can start from 3bhp as they do not require as much power outage as they are smaller mowers.

Needless to say, if your grass expanse is vast, the best value petrol lawn mowers for very large gardens are the sit on lawn mower.

How to Cut Overgrown Grass: The Best Solution is a Petrol Mower

How to Cut Overgrown GrassPetrol lawn mowers are the best option when having to deal with thick unkempt grass or heavier lawn types. 

The torque of the mower influences the quality of the cut, the more you have, the easier the most daunting task is.

A low powered, lightweight lawn mower may struggle in long or damp grass. This extra resistance causes the blade to rotate more slowly creating a scenario where the grass is not cut cleanly and looks ‘chewed’.

The grass can also develop a ribbed effect, a silvery look or you will have brown blades of grass showing where it has not been cut cleanly.

Another benefit of the petrol power is providing good pulling power where mowing may be difficult due to slopes and gradients or uneven surfaces.

If the petrol self propelled lawn mower has driven wheels to save you pushing effort, then even more power is required.

The Benefits of a Wide Cutting Width Offered by Petrol Mowers

A wide cutting diameter means less mowing time as you cut more each run up and down the lawn. This gives you more time to enjoy your hard work with a well-earned drink sooner.

Petrol rotary lawn mowers commonly have a wide cutting diameter of 45-50 cm as opposed to the 20-30 cm of an electric mower.

A difference of 10 or 20 cm may not seem important if you own a smallish patch of green, but large lawn-owners will definitely notice the dozen extra runs made each mowing session with a smaller width mower.

A small petrol mower generally starts at a 40 cm width, which is still bigger than a push or electric mower.

How to Start a Lawn Mower With a Pull Cord

How To Start A Lawn Mower With A Pull Cord
Petrol mowers are a little more difficult to start with the pull cord system, need refuelling and can be a little more expensive to run and maintain than electric mowers.

Here a few things to run through if you are having issues getting your self propelled petrol lawn mower started.

  • If the starter won’t turn when you pull the cord – disengage the lawnmower’s flywheel brake on the handle
  • Check the throttle. The lever may be in the “on” position, or the throttle may be stuck. This can cause carburettor flooding when pulling the cord.
  • Check the choke is in the correct position.
  • Empty the mower’s gas tank. Petrol mixes with moisture in the air and, when sitting, it goes bad.
  • Remove the air filter, clean it and put it back in the mower.
  • Check your spark plugs.

Petrol models should remain at the top of your list for large lawn expanses and for overall good results.

How to Stripe Your Lawn

How to Stripe Your LawnThe benefit of those immaculate stripes on your lawn is worth an hour or so of mowing once a week.

Adding a stripe to your green patch is quite simple actually.

Want to know?

Here’s how.

Get A Petrol Lawn Mower with Roller

Which petrol lawn mower is best for the job?

The best mower for this job comes with a rear roller.

The width of the roller will ultimately be the width of your stripes.

If your mower doesn’t have a built-in roller, you can buy a lawn striping kit to assist you.

Your mower must also have a grass box on it to collect the cut grass clippings.

Stripes are added to the lawn by flattening and bending the grass as you cut it. The colour effect is created as light reflects off the blades of grass as differing angles, giving the illusion that the grass is a different colour.

The colour that the stripe appears depends on how far down you bend the blades of grass. The more the grass is bent and flattened, the darker the stripe will appear. 

The colour of the stripes may look different depending on where you are standing in the garden as the light is reflecting differently at that position.

How To Stripe Cut Your Lawn

  • Get out your mower with a roller.
  • Set the height of the blades so that you’re cutting off 1/3 of the leaf blade and no more.
  • Start by mowing around the edge of the grass for two or three rounds. This will give you space to turn at each end of the lawn.
  • When adding new stripes, try and overlap the previous stripe slightly. This will ensure that you do not miss any patches of grass that may spoil the stripe effect. Try to make sure your stripes are equal in width.
  • To make a wider stripe simply go down the stripe again in the same direction.
  • If cutting and striping the grass regularly, ensure you alternate the mowing direction every couple of weeks. If not, you may experience uneven growth which may affect the look and quality of your lawn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a petrol lawnmower rather than electric?

A petrol lawn mower is best suited for a larger garden where a mains cable cannot reach the whole area needing mowing. They are able to manoeuvre around large objects easily and are more powerful than most mower options. This power makes them a fast mower and speeds up mowing time.

How much fuel does a petrol lawnmower use?

Each mower will differ according to the size of the engine. However, most petrol mowers carry a tank that has a fuel capacity of approximately 1 litre. This should complete an average lawn without a refill.

What kind of fuel does a petrol lawnmower use?

Two-stroke engines require a petrol and oil mixture as the fuel is a lubricant. Whereas a four-stroke engine takes fresh unleaded petrol which contains an octane level of 87 upwards.

What's the difference between a self-propelled and a hand-propelled lawnmower?

A hand-propelled lawn mower needs the operator to push the lawn mower to make it move forward. A self-propelled lawn mower makes use of transmission to drive the wheels forward as you push. This is very useful for heavier equipment like a petrol mower as it makes it easier to operate.

How long does a petrol lawn mower last?

The average petrol mower should last up to 8 or 10 years. Proper maintenance is key. A mower that is not looked after may only last one-half the time. When looking at a manufacturer's manual they measure the service life of the components of their lawn mowers in hours of use.