Are you looking for reviews on battery operated lawn mowers for sale?

A battery powered mower is the answer for you if you’re tired of your old noisy, smelly petrol machine.  (The same mower that needs a good checkup after the winter sitting in the shed before you can use it).

What you need is a quiet yet powerful mower that will get the job done for you with no fuss!

We are here to help you decide which is the best mower for you – what you need, what you can get, and what is available on the market today.

So – let’s get busy and find the best cordless lawn mower in the UK!

Reviews On Battery Operated Lawn Mowers For Sale – Get The Best!

You may be a lawn lover who adores your patch of green but does not enjoy the work that comes with mowing it. We have good news!

We are in the middle of a lawn mower revolution.

Battery Operated Lawn Mowers

The mower is joining the car industry in its electric innovation – so the suburban lawn is now benefiting from modern advances too.

A battery powered lawn mower is now the smarter option. And am sure this technology will become more advanced and more efficient in the years to come with the speed of modern technological advances in today’s “smarter” world.

The look of a battery mower is also a drawcard. Modern designs, fresh colours and light framework all come together to create a pleasing and efficient machine that we can enjoy using and be proud of.

These qualities take our gardening experience from being a chore to a pleasing pastime outdoors getting fresh air and replenishing mind and body!

Cheap Battery Powered Lawn Mower: Powerful and Efficient

Not so long ago it was difficult to find a battery powered mower with enough power to mow a tiny suburban backyard. But these modern mowers are today, as powerful as their electric lawn mower competition and so much easier to use.

So, if you are considering trading in your old, noisy petrol guzzler, a battery-powered mower may be the perfect option for you.

These innovative grass cutters vary in sizes and performance but these quieter more economical machines have considerably increased their running time due to the advances in lithium-ion battery chemistry.

The battery powered mower is less noisy that the hover mowing machine. And probably comparable to the noise of a reel mower.

Today’s battery operated lawn mower maximise their runtime with powerful batteries, sometimes multiple batteries. They provide between 20 and 40 minutes of easy mowing and are relatively quick to charge.

For the average UK garden, this is plenty of power to get the job done.

Advantages of a Battery Operated Lawn Mower

The added advantages of these rechargeable mowers are:

  • No engine to service – all you need to do is keep it clean and sharp.
  • No exhaust fumes pollute the universe, and these mowers are a lot lighter in weight than petrol mowing options.
  • No cable – if a cable is going to be too short or snag on your rockery, then this lawn mower may be the solution.
  • Quiet – at the press of the start button on a lithium battery-powered lawn mower, cut your grass with quiet, clean energy and high performance – without the noise, fuss, and fumes.
  • Easy to start, no petrol tank to fill, and requires no oil changes or spark plugs – what a pleasure.
  • The battery eliminates the extension cord, and starting is gentle on your back, no yanking on a pull starter cord again.

Best Cordless Lawn Mower for Peaceful Weekend Gardening

The average electric mower is equivalent to a washing machine (about 75 decibels), while a petrol lawn mower can match the noise of a motorcycle (about 95 decibels).

Switching to an electric mower will definitely ease the stress on your eardrums. Research shows that loud noise can contribute to hearing loss when it exceeds 85 decibels.

It is advisable that a petrol-powered machine producing 95m decibels be used no more than an hour a day.

So – a  battery mower will keep you and your neighbours happy.

Choose a Battery Operated Lawn Mower For Sale: Consider the Environmental Impact

You will definitely be making the earth a greener, friendlier place by choosing a battery operated mower as opposed to a petrol powered machine!

An astounding statistic states that the amount of pollution emitted from a petrol mower could be four times the amount from a car per hour!

Another study in 2001 showed that some mowers emit the same amount of pollution in the time span of one hour as opposed to driving a 1992 model car for 1000 kilometres.

These are powerful incentives for concerned eco-conscious citizens to stay away from two-stroke and four-stroke internal combustion engines that use carburettors and run on petrol.

Be more environmentally aware with your quieter, eco-friendly battery powered machine!

Battery Power Mower Reviews

Join the revolution and look at the latest lithium-ion battery-powered mowers on offer at a wide selection of prices.

Amazon Customer Reviews On Battery Operated Lawn Mowers

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Enjoy mowing your patch of grass!