Best Hover Mower For Sale – Lightweight And Easy To Use

If you are looking for the best hover mower for sale in both electric and petrol models – the following topics may assist you in your choice of lawn maintenance.

Buying a lawn mower must take into account your lifestyle, your garden size and layout, where your electrical outlets are and who is going to be using the machine.

An important fact to also consider is the weight and maneuverability of the machine and whether you would prefer a cordless or electric option.

Now that must sound a little overwhelming – but don’t worry.

By following this guide, we will help you find the best hover mower available in the UK.

How Does a Hover Lawn Mower Work?

A little introduction as to how this machine operates is important. It is very different to all other mowers on the market and was extremely revolutionary for its time.

Even today it is a mini wonder and still amazes people as to how it works – and how efficiently too!

Hover Mower

This type of lawn mower began in 1964 when the enterprising Karl Dahlman saw Sir Christopher Cockerell’s hovercraft machine – and was inspired. He came up with the idea of the first-ever hover garden mower basing the principle on what he witnessed.

The design is based on the conventional petrol rotary lawn mower but includes a fan above the spinning blades allowing it to float on a cushion of air. This air cushion makes them lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

The benefit of this ease of movement and increased manoeuvrability enables you to move it sideways as well as forward and backward extremely easily.

So, if you have an irregular shaped lawn or have slopes and angled beds, this grass cutter is perfect for enabling you to get easily into those awkward places.

This technology was a major breakthrough in lawn mower design at the time and these garden machines are still very popular with avid gardeners the world over.

In fact, hover mowers are still one of the top sellers on the market today.

So now all you have to do is get yourself the best small hover mower – and get your lawn in perfect condition at an extremely reasonable price.

Lets give you some information to get you going.

Find The Best Hover Mower Reviews

These budget mowers are a gardeners dream – cheap, easy to use and maintain, lightweight and need I say it again – budget friendly!

Buy one of the most popular tools for lawn maintenance – you will be sure to find an option that suits you and your gardening needs.

Are you looking for a brand name that offers quality?

Flymo Hover Mowers

Flymo is the most popular brand name associated with the hover grass cutter and they cover a wide range of cutting widths and engine wattages.

They are very easily distinguishable by their orange and grey colour schemes.

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These almost maintenance free lawn cutters rarely need replacement parts. And the parts are very cheap and easy to find if you do need to do some upkeep on them.

Other Hover Mower Brands

There are several other popular and well-made brands which include:

  • Black & Decker
  • Qualcast
  • Challenge
  • Spear & Jackson
  • Cobra
  • Lawnmaster

Whether you decide on a small hover mower, a cordless option or a petrol one – you will find one that suits you.

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Benefits of a Hover Mower

  • Hover lawn mowers are generally only sold as electric versions however some petrol models are available.
  • As the mower floats on a cushion of air without the use of wheels, it mows in any direction following the garden contours.
  • This makes it perfect for mowing on steep slopes, retaining walls, lake, and pond edges, wet lawns, curving edges, path edges, weed infested areas and awkward, hard to reach spaces!
  • This lawn cutter can cut between shrubs, trees and flower beds effortlessly without damaging any plants and edges.
  • These are generally smaller in design and can be folded down to be stored efficiently in sheds and garages.

Key Points to Consider When Buying Your Hover Mower

The best hover mower for your needs is decided by the type of garden you have and personal preference.

Take into account the size and shape of your lawn and what you would like to achieve with your grass.

Cutting Widths

Unlike petrol powered lawn mowers, hover mowers are small machines by comparison and more lightweight.

This means that the width that they cut is also going to be narrower. Most mowers range from between 29cm wide up to 40cm in width.

Obviously the wider the width, the more area you can cover in a shorter time, but – lets face it – most of our gardens are not very big. A saving of a few minutes versus a couple of extra runs up and down your space is not huge.

Not to mention the bigger the power wattage and size of the machine the more expensive the mower gets too.

As a point of interest, the narrower the cutting width the more manoeuvrable the mower will be. It will be easier to get round obstacles and get through small areas with a smaller, lighter machine.

Grass Collection Box

A grass box for collection of cuttings can be attached to the back of your machine. However, some do come with an integrated collection box already built in.

This is very useful and makes any cleaning up afterward almost non-existent.

Generally the box is uncovered so you can see how full it is getting. If it is an enclosed version there is generally a clear viewing panel that allows you to see into the box to monitor its contents.

It is advisable to empty the lawn clippings out regularly – this will stop the motor from overheating and becoming too heavy to push.

And don’t worry if the collection box breaks or becomes worn, they can easily be replaced.

In fact, a lot of gardeners prefer to mow their lawn more regularly so that the grass is not too long. They then leave all the short fresh lawn clippings on the lawn to be watered down to the roots and break down.

This is a method of mulching, feeding and nourishing the lawn naturally.

Therefore no need for a collection box at all!


The lawn mower blades operate exactly the same as a rotary machine. The blades rotate or spin horizontally at high speed at the selected height you have chosen.

The blades can be set to mow at variable heights: from 1.3 cm all the way up to 10 cm. This wide height range is perfect for lawns that are a little bumpy and undulating.

The extra height elevation of the blades creates an even looking, flat surface to your lawn and prevents “scalping” of grass growing on areas of higher ground. Scalping produces brown areas in your lawn where the soil is showing through the grass.

Most lawn cutting blades are made to last and deal with all varieties of lawn. They are generally manufactured from durable metal or hard plastic.

Eventually though, they will wear and change shape with continual use. This can be dangerous and therefore should be replaced as soon as you notice these changes.

Roller and Rear Wheels Option

As the hover mower floats in the air, wheels are not generally standard. Having said that though, you can find some models with rear wheels.

On a bigger mower that is slightly heavier they do make the process of positioning easier when turning to do another run down your lawn.

The addition of rear wheels usually come with a rear roller. As with traditional mowers, the roller creates a striped effect on the lawn.

The stripes are created by the roller flattening the grass in the direction being mowed, so mowing up and down your lawn makes stripes by flattening the grass in each direction.

Power Sources

Hover mowers are available in both petrol versions and electric. As with normal petrol machines, a starter cord needs to be pulled to start.

Electric versions are lighter, more manoeuvrable, cleaner for both the environment and your garage and require less maintenance.

However, there are several drawbacks to an electric option:  they are not safe to use in the wet, need an extension cord and provide less power than a petrol version.

Safety must always be considered with electrical appliances. We would advise getting a very useful gadget called a RCD Power Breaker Adaptor.

These adaptors ensure that the electricity suppy would immediately be cut off in case of any incident, preventing you from a nasty shock.

It could be a simple issue like a worn cable or mowing over the cable by mistake that could be disastrous.

In a reasonably sized garden with cable restrictions, a green alternative to a hover mower would be a
cordless lawn mower.


Storage is a dream.

Being so lightweight – weighing in at around 8 – 10 kgs – they are easy to pick up and on a sturdy wall can easily be hung up out of the way.

The handles are often foldable therefore making them compact for storing and/or pushing them under a table etc.

Hover Mowers For Sale In the UK From Amazon

In conclusion, find listed below a selection of cheap hover mowers for sale.

These models are the most popular sellers with excellent reviews from satisfied customers from Amazon – get the best hover mower that suits you and your garden.